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    Help... can't figure out!

    Hello everyone. New member here! I've done quite a bit of research in all the groups I'm in and still looking for info/help with something a little obscure (it would seem).

    I want to get into sleeping full time in a hammock (for the apparent benefits and because I love how it feels in a hammock). But I'm torn with fabric choices. I was starting to lean toward Habotai silk. I'm 5' 8" and 250lbs. I don't mind doubling layers if necessary.

    Silk seems to be the best choice for indoor hanging from my research. The only downsides seem to be: there is no stretch at all (from what I've read) aaaaand the big one being that it doesn't handle abrasion well. This seems to be a concern because I have a cat (fur demon (I love her regardless lol)). I don't want a puncture from her little nails to put me on the floor.

    So any advice... experiential or well thought out is welcome.

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    I have used my ENO doublenest for many many nights sleeping inside and after years it still doing great. I'd say a thicker weight material would help with the abrasion resistance but I'm sure others may have more experience. I have never used silk so cant comment on it.

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    There are other premium ripstop fabrics that are silky smooth. I’m sure some of the guys on here will tell you some. PolyD was one brand that was exactly that but it is no longer made.
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