If you know me, you know I'm a HUGE Snugpak fan. Starting as a cottage manufacturer in a small UK town , Snugpak still makes a lot of their products in-house and has been supplying their Armed Forces with iconic sleeping bags and clothing for many years now. Their hammock insulation, while not the lightest , is definitely tough and excellent kit for anyone on a budget or new to hammocks. To compliment their hammock friendly " Snuggy " pillow , Snugpak has this - the Base Camp Inflatable Pillow. While the small, yet semi-packable Snuggy is filled with their lightweight, high loft Travelsoft™ insulation, the Base Camp is a much larger inflatable pillow that, at a scant 3ozs and 4"×4" when packed, is a better option for the trail and on the ground. It comes in a small stuff sack with the Snugpak logo and a hexagon pattern. The feel of the Base Camp is velvety smooth and feels almost like silk. To inflate to capacity, 3 large breaths are all that's needed, although I prefer it a little less than full. It's larger size does make it slightly difficult to use in a GE hammock but it can be done and using a bug net keeps it corralled much easier. On the ground it stays out fairly well and I didn't need to find it at 3am while crawling around the tent in the dark. So far I've used it several times in the ground and in a hammock ( XLC w/net & netless diy argon 1.6 ) and it's been super comfortable. SO, here's my review vid, I'll update this post as I continue to test it. Enjoy! ~ Chesapeake