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    I'm trying to figure out what temperature underquilt (and top quilt for that matter) I should get for winter. I have a Costco DIY UQ that I made for warmer weather. I cant decide if 20 degrees will be enough or if I should go ahead and get a 0 degree. Most of my winters will be in the nc mountains and possibly going up north to WV also.

    I really like the JRB high Sierra snivvler and the mt Washington 4.

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    I use a 20 wookie for my 4 season quilt. Just sold my winter quilt. I find the wookie to be more than true to rating. I've used it at 20 in breezy conditions with an asym tarp and a uqp and was toasty.

    Best part about the wookie is you can add a pad between the layers on the odd trip you might need a little extra.

    It's also 0 fiddle factor. Colder or gets the more you feel every gap or breeze. None of that with the wookie.

    That's my recommendation. 20 wookie.

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    Thanks for the replies. I now have more options to choose from. Thanks.... Haha. I know I'll be getting the high Sierra sniveller for a tq.

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    If you already have a costco blanket, you can get a 20d "good quilt" and stack them together for extra cold situations. Then you've got options for all 4 seasons.

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    I live in Chattanooga @ about 870ft.

    Depends on where you are going to be sleeping.

    I use mine mostly at home on my deck and I have found that the 10 Greylock 4 UQP and the 25 Hudson River with a fleece quilt liner covers my needs about 90% of the time (late fall>early spring months in the South).

    I have some data in my signature that I logged before I went on a 30 mile hike in NC (NOC to FD). I went in March and I basically used the same setup. The Greylock 3-4 has a wide range and is more forgiving on hi/lo quilts are a different story.
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    I am in the NE and use the HG 20F as my winter quilt... been to the mid-teens more than once. Stacking would be a added bonus. Just be sure to try setting it up while at home..
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