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    [/HTML]I highly rate Jareds Asym tarps, l recently emailed Jared to see wether he could add a couple of extra tie outs for me, making an extra slight advantage from the stretch the Xenon Silpoly!

    I notice l have gained roughly 3 or so inches of coverage to work with! IMG_1623.jpgIMG_1640.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by hutzelbein View Post
    The Warbonnet Travel Net likely won't work on 11' hammocks from other vendors. Warbonnet hammocks have very little sag and are shorter due to the whipping. Hanging an 11' channel end hammock in a Travel Net XL would probably have the ends poking out and the underquilt being compressed by the bottom of the net.
    Good to know. Thanks for pointing that out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluesam3 View Post
    For what it's worth, SLD's bottom-entry bug net is pretty nice as well: packs down to basically nothing (mine lives in the bag those straps came in), and has a draw cord on one end so that you can slide it on/off the hammock without having to unhook your suspension.
    So, I checked out a couple of add-on bug net options like this one. The most minimalist one seems to be the Hug Half Bug Net, as described in The Ultimate Hang. But I figure I prefer the hammock and ridgeline to form a kind of enclosed space, so that anything left in there is zippered away.

    That's why I chose the SLD Trail Lair for my next trip. If I get it in 1.3 material and the 0.7 bug net option, it should be hard to beat bulk wise. Other candidates have been the DH Raven and the WB Eldorado as more or less lightweight, yet comfy candidates (with two zippers).
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    Nice looking setup! I've got a Jared asym tarp and it's amazing how small it packs down. Good choice on the Trail Lair. I'm on my 3rd summer season with mine, made from hexon 1.0. You also can't beat Jareds quick turnaround on orders.

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    Nice setup!

    My SL Asym fits (with probably more effort than it's worth) into an inflatable pillow stuff sack just to see if I could do it, but it really is a sausage in there, no room even for the ridge line. Hammock, Nalgene and Quarter for scale. Perfect for those fair weather trips and the price and turnaround time is awesome.

    I had a Warbonnet Traveler net, and wanted something that compacted down smaller so I ended up getting the Hummingbird Warbler bug net. Packs down about as small as the Nano 7. I prefer zips though, you can certainly get smaller with fronkey style nets or half nets.


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