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    Question Enlightened Equipment H.E. top quilt footbox toggles

    The Enlightened Equipment "Hammock Edition" ("H.E.") quilts have toggles on the footbox that "allow you to attach a foam pad to your topquilt to keep the pad in place under your feet." I can't seem to find any further information or demonstration on how to use them. Does anyone have one of these quilts? Can you "enlighten" me?

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    look at the pics on the website

    it looks like an external toggle that you attach THRU a closed cell foam matt, that keeps everything in place

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    On the outside of the quilt, under the bottom of the footbox, there are 2 pieces of webbing with toggles attached. --You can see pics of this on their website.--

    The idea is to poke 2 holes into your foam sitpad and slip these toggles through the holes. That is suppose to keep the sitpad in place while sleeping.

    Also realize that the Enigma H.E. version has a shorter footbox. You may or may not prefer that feature.

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