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    Upgraded to Wide Netless

    Been hammocking for over 10 years and finally decided to upgrade from my Grand Trunk Camo. Thanks to Dutchware and the amazing deal they have going I have a new Netless Wide Hexon 1.7 coming to me. I'm pretty excited because I also got a Arrowhead New River underquilt recently too (was using a inflatable pad).

    The GTC served me well in a lot of camp outs and lazy days hung wherever, but I'm so thankful to get the new gear.

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    Enjoy! Thatís my favorite combination yet for comfort and ease.

    I prefer the Netless wide over either of my Chameleons and maybe more than my Ridgerunner. The New River is easier to setup and dial in than my Incubator as well.

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    Well that's good to hear mcbpdx! I'm thinking of adding some underquilt hooks to it and tie outs for added fit. The quilt kept me real warm this past weekend down into the high 30s though.

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    Great hammocks.

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