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I wanted to like this pillow, but it will end up at the bottom of the pillow bin. Pillows have become a quest for me and I think that I am up to about 10. My Sea to Summit Aeros has been my go to pillow (because it is comfortable enough for how light it is (2.4-3 oz maybe) - especially if I slide my buff over it. I just got one of Dutch's printed pillows and it still just wasn't the right size for me. Then I found a Rumple stuffable pillow that I had in my bin that I never really used because I didn't like the uneven feel when stuffed with a down jack or fleece. Once stuffed with my new Dutch pillow, though, and I might have the perfect fit. Certainly will need extensive testing. It ends up being around 7 oz, but still lighter than some of my other pillows.

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How about asking a vendor to make you a custom size? After so many trials, you must have an idea of what you need now. Maybe try stuffing it with that new UP synthetic insulation.