Well, it's my pleasure to announce that 2Questions & his ZipperQueen will be vacationing in NC, May 28-30!
They will be camping at Pilot Mt State Park, & invite anyone close by to drop by & visit w/ them!

I have to tell you that the real motivation for them to choose NC for this vacation is 2Question's on going quest to help me figure out just what is going on w/ my gas furnace.
Though I haven't filled in the latest details in the "Furnace" thread, it has continued to fall behind, even after the new computer board was installed.
The "Furnace thread" is in the "Donating Members" section.
BTW... for any who missed it, there were HF members that pitched in w/ 2Questions to purchase a new computer board & w/ 2Question's "on phone help", I was able to install it.
Worked fine for a while, then not. MacEntyre helped find another problem area, but alas, that was not the total answer.
Enough of that though. Just wanted to let folks here know that 2Questions far surpasses any "token" service to his fellow man. Not sure when I've seen a man this determined to call a job complete.
He has my greatest respect!

Back to the "Camping Vacation"!
I'll let 2Questions add any more as he sees fit.