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    VA, 8th (almost annual) Grayson Fall Festival Hang - official planning thread - Sep 27- 29

    8th (almost annual) Grayson Highlands Fall Festival

    Mt Rogers, Virginia
    Grayson Highlands State Park
    September 27-29, 2019

    HAMMOCKERS! come join the fun again! Family-friendly event!
    Free camping and free parking at group campsite (limited space)
    Bonus for Hikers! The Appalachian Trail runs through the park if you want to plan a backpacking trip or day hike before or after the festival.
    We do allow “ground dwellers” but you might get converted!!!



    The annual Grayson Highlands Harvest Fall Festival is mountain music, crafts, old time living history activities, and LAST but not LEAST, the annual pony sale from Grayson Highlands/Mt Rogers area.

    Since 1976 the Ruby Volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Department, Inc. and Grayson Highlands State Park have entertained tens of thousands of people each year with their live exhibits of Appalachian culture. We participate in the festival by manning a hammock demonstration area and in return the state park allows us to camp for free in the group campground.

    Step back into a simpler age when horses and mules ground cane into juice to be boiled into sorghum molasses; when apple cider was the soft drink of the time; when fresh apples were cooked into apple butter in a copper kettle over an open fire all day long; when Saturday night was reserves for fiddling, and making music with the neighbors. Such was the life style of the early Appalachian pioneers.

    Free Registration: See Google spreadsheet above.
    Please register on the spreadsheet. It helps greatly with planning. The sheet is setup so you can change your answers at any time if your plans change or if you need to add or delete information.

    Arrival date: As early as 26 Sept if you are hiking the highlands; 27 Sept for the group hang site.
    Departure date: 30 Sept for those staying Sunday night.

    IMPORTANT: If there is someone at the Park Entrance gate, you will need to check in.

    Most guest pay a fee but simply tell them you are with the Hammock group in the group site.
    They will be aware of our group and you can enter at no cost. The group site is provided free because we contribute to the Festival in the Hammock Camping Demo.
    If anyone travels before Thursday or stays later than Monday, you will have to pay the parking fee for those days and park at the backpacker parking lot.

    Don't forget to bring your camp chairs!

    ************************************************** ****
    Schedule for Hammockers! What goes on when.

    Thurs... a few will arrive early to set up. Some may go out for day hikes or overnight backpacking over the weekend.
    Fri... many more will show up. We do our own meals unless otherwise noted in.
    Often times someone will bring something to share with others but there is no guarantee.
    Big Saturday... Group Breakfast
    Festival starts at 10am. A few will go early to set up for the Hammock Demonstration, some will hang around to help clean up after breakfast.
    Some may day hike.

    During the Festival, it's good if at least 3 or 5 hang around the Hammock Demo to answer questions about hammocks from those that stop in and relieve those that spend most of the day at the Hammock Demo.

    Pony Auction at 2pm

    The festival ends at 5pm but some will go back to the group camp to start preparing for the Group Supper.
    Following the group supper will be the Raffle. Lots of fun during the raffle!
    Proceeds will go to Friends Of GHSP and firewood. (unless otherwise noted)

    Sunday A few leave early but most stick around to eat breakfast, talk and clean up around the group camp. Or stay and go to the festival again. Usually, some will go to the Corner Market & Cafe (about a 15 minute ride from camp) to eat breakfast/brunch/lunch. From there some will head home while others will go back to camp and the Festival for a while.

    Some will stay Sunday night and leave Monday.

    Note: We always leave the group campsite cleaner than we find it.
    Those that stay until the end always do a final policing of the area to collect anything missed.
    Please help us by picking up during the camp time and as you leave.
    Thank you!

    Hammock Forum Contacts for Hang: Private message Slowhike, Hickery, or Rockdawg69.

    General State Park Information

    Grayson Highlands Fall Festival Website: Here -

    Park Weather Link: Here -

    Park Link: Here -

    Driving Directions: Use Grayson Highlands State Park, VA

    Google Map: Here -!4d-81.4844845

    Address: 829 Grayson Highland Ln., Mouth of Wilson, VA, 24363
    GPS: Latitude: 36.628322 Longitude: -81.496889
    Park Phone: 276-579-7092
    Email: [email protected]
    Emergency: Dial 911


    Where are we hammock camping?
    Group Hang Site: Anyone who wants to hang for free should go to the group campsite located near the Country Story, the Amphitheater and the Hickory Ridge Campground.

    Free Parking
    Available at edge of group camp site. Overflow parking requires driving to the park visitor center and shuttle back to the camp area.
    Group Camping Check-In: Can be as early as Thurs morning.
    Group Camping Check-Out: Most leave by late morning or noon on Sunday and those that want to will drive to the restaurant for a group brunch. Some folks seem to always stay Sunday night and do some hiking or just hang around for some additional socializing. For example, last year a few of us drove back to the group site & stayed Sunday night as well. They will probably let some stay an extra night if we ask.
    Campground Quiet Time: 10 PM to 7 AM.
    Can I bring my dog?
    Yes! Dogs should be kept on leash at all times.
    Is there water for camping?
    There are two fresh water spigots at the edge of the group site.
    Are there picnic tables in the camping area?
    What about bathrooms? I don’t poop good in the woods.
    Group camping has flush toilets for both men and women.
    Where can I get a showers?
    There is a shower house a short walk or drive from our camp.

    Will there be campfires? It ain’t camping without a fire.
    We will have a large fire area in the center of camp. We will look into having local firewood delivered.
    Are there grills?
    There are at least two permanent charcoal grills. You will need to bring charcoal if you want to use it.
    What happens if it rains?
    We will have a 20' x 30' tarp strung high, under which we will assemble 6 picnic tables for food prep, eating & socializing. There is a large pavilion at the edge of group camp but we don't spend much time there during this event. They have a few park events at the pavilion during the weekend.
    How can I find out about pre and post hikes?
    We don’t keep track of them but feel free to start a separate hiking thread on HF.
    What are the rules on alcohol?
    State Park rules say no alcohol in the park.

    A previous Trip Report: Here -

    Don't forget to bring your camp chairs!

    Wild ponies! Did we mention there are wild ponies in this park?!

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