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    Quote Originally Posted by FLTurtle View Post
    Just curious...other than the cost, what's your issue with down? Getting it wet?
    well, I don't like the hassle of washing down, plus getting it wet. We live in one of the dampest places on Earth.

    I feel the the inconvenience of down plus the cost is greater than the benefits. Remember, we are not hikers. Laurie would like to go as light as possible but its not as important as ease of use or reliability.

    BTW, we are looking at the HG Econ Incubator.

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    Super happy with our Arrowhead Equipment Jarbidge UQs, I have three of them. Great construction on all of them. I have a EE Revelation Apex 40F TQ and the construction on that is nice as well. Their synthetic UQ would be worth checking out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdy98p View Post
    Cedar Ridge makes great gear (though I only have their down quilts), and AHE is very good (I have an older New River).

    Recently I've been eyeballing Simply Light Design's Trail Winder ASYM UQ. If you know the lay direction, it's basically a synthetic Wooki at a great price.
    +1 for the Trailwinder. I absolutely love mine as it's perfectly suited to my needs. I've been using my Snugpak full length and ĺ length jungle blanket UQ's for many years now as my go to when I need a synthetic, but the introduction of the TW changed that. It's versatility as both an UQ + insulated UQP, low weight & packability vs. other synthetics and ease of use give it all the good qualities of down, but the added benefits of synthetic I think, sort of a synthetic Wookie. Which is kind of like the holy grail for synthetics right?
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    Another vote for Paul and company at AHE. Started with Jarbridge and added a three season top quilt.
    When it was time to buy a rig for my wife it was AHE package. The quality is what it should be and the lead time is excellent. Also I believe if there was a problem, AHE would resolve it.


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    I use synthetic down here in south fla for the obvious damp wet climate. Just got the simply light quilt and I can attest that it is the easiest quilt Iíve ever set up and it works great. Havenít done any cold stuff with it yet, but it fits the chameleon wide like a champ. Itís light and budget friendly. +1 on the SLD trail winder

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