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I started out using a similar setup of 550 paracord with the bowline (only two prusics for the tarp and a taught line hitch to adjust tension). Then I moved to 750 paracord then to smaller 325 paracord. On my quest to lighten things up I moved to the same setup using zingit with zingit prusics. I added some dutchwear bling to simplify things. Today its a Mountainfly with Dutch flyz and I am a happy hammocker. For me its all in the progression. The experience of finding your own solution by trying all the different ways of doing the same thing. Its part of the fun of camping in my opinion. Also I know that in a pinch I can use whatever may be available to set up a decent shelter.

The paracord solution worked good enough and didn't cost a thing technically (already had the paracord). Once I had the experience under my belt I moved to different materials. I would use paracord again if I needed to.
I agree with this. Each time I practice my hammock/tarp setup skills, I get a bit better, and also find something that I wind up fiddling with and thinking of alternatives. I enjoy both knots and hardware, but I have no interest in splicing. Bushcrafters (do a little of that too) do like paracord, bankline and knots, and today's hammock community - or at least the more vocal ones are definitely marching to the beat of the "spicing drum". As they say HYOH, and I enjoy having friends in both camps, and alternatives to play with