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    In-stock items not actually in stock. Is this a norm for Warbonnet Outdoors?

    UPDATE: Ryan got back to me today and confirmed there was an inventory error in the website. He shipped it out today and uograded the shipping to express, free of charge. Now that's good customer service!

    Original post:
    I ordered a blue, single layer wbbb on the 18th of July, and I made sure the website said it was in stock before I ordered it. I was heading out of town for the month of August, so I didn't want to risk having a backordered item arrive while I was away. (Somebody has been stealing packages from my place.) However after I placed the order, I was told the lead time was 1 to 2 weeks. Fair enough, maybe they haven't had a chance to update the inventory system.( I help run a family-owned business as well, I know what it's like to keep a website constantly updated when sales and orders peak.) But now I'm in my third week since I ordered it, still no shipping notification. To be fair, Ryan has answered my inquiries and said the batch I ordered should have been ready to ship out on Monday the fifth. (It's Wednesday of course...)

    Is this normal? I hate to sound impatient, as I know what crunch time is like. At the same time, when I am moving from place to place, I hate stressing about intercepting orders. When a website says an item is "in stock", it should actually be in stock and ready to ship.

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    Last two things I ordered separately (a tarp and then a hammock) were in stock and I received within a few days.

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    Not sure if this was on the site when you ordered or not, but looks to me that the "in-stock" normal ship time is 1-2 weeks (5-10 business days). I think this is the norm for most makers as I don't believe they typically have stock lying around unless they're anticipating some volume, like a sale. Such was the case when I recently got my Eldorado in 3 days from order.
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    Just a little update, Ryan just got back to me, apparently there was an inventory error. He upgraded my shipping to express, so all is good.

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    Thanks, that was driving me nuts.

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