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    Primaloft Gold TQ

    For sale from a smoke free home. In excellent shape with little use. Stored uncompressed, this will make someone extremely happy. PayPal. CONUS. Price includes shipping.

    Towns-End Just a Quilt rated for 45 and made with primaloft golf insulation. It has a seen formed footbox, but has a cinch Cord on the end so it can be vented in warmer weather. Argon 90, 72 wide (48 is insulated) and 80 long. This is perfect for warmer weather or layering in colder temps. Jacks R Better stuff sack included. Dropped to $95 shipped.
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    Hopefully this is allowed- just looking to help a fellow forum member.

    I don't advertise these or promote them here, but this is one of my Primaloft Gold Top quilts rated to 45*. They run $180-200 new. This should be approximately 18 ounces and generously sized for average folks.
    I keep them around for those who are looking for them but being busy with the bridges I keep them quiet... so just wanted to help Peppy out as most HF members will not have heard of these. Before I sold hammocks I sold these quilts exclusively.

    I have sold dozens to folks at White Blaze, Backpacking Light, and to speed hikers who have used them in open weather (no bivy).
    A few of my Big Bridge customers also use them as they cover well, especially for a gathered end user and pair great with a 3/4 UQ or pad.

    The Big Guy size is good as a camp puffy and second quilt for stacking in cold weather. It is cut and sized to stack well over other quilts and mates up with Enlightened Equipment quilts very well.
    There are 'tabs' along each wing that will let you attach it to a pad or mate it with another quilt easily.

    Here is the spec sheet for the quilt-!Apygyt54yYPwg5BPmq22GYZ1SR9sNQ

    Primaloft Gold is the best synthetic insulation you can use. It has a much softer hand and packs closer to down. It retains 92% of it's warmth when wet... though it takes quite a bit of work to wet one out.
    I have wet tested this in 40* weather and woken up dry after sleeping soundly. It is for that reason some FKT folks have used them to sleep exposed on high risk trips as they will tolerate heavy mist or light rain. It isn't fun to sleep in pouring rain but in the summer with temps in the 60s you can sleep though it if needed in a pinch.
    While a bit heavier than a down quilt... many like the peace of mind of a synthetic in warm humid weather and these are 'premium synthetic' quilts.

    The shell is actually Membrane 10 (black) with Membrane 15 wings (blue).

    The foot box is a sewn side with cinch bottom, including a 'foot plug' which I don't believe has been stolen quite yet by any other vendors. The footplug closes the gap you find in other quilts with drawcord foot boxes.

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