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    Thumbs up 2019 Fall MAHHA Sept 20-22nd - Official Planning Thread

    Don't miss the 13th Annual FALL MAHHA 2019

    This is a Family-Friendly Event!

    FRIDAY, Sept 20 - SUNDAY, Sept 22

    Pine Grove Furnace State Park
    1100 Pine Grove Rd, Gardners, PA 17324
    GPS Coordinates: Lat. 40.02565 Long. -77.31086

    We reserved all 6 group sites and have the pavilion for the 21st, so plan on a weekend of fun, hiking, gear showing, and, as always, eating. The cost for this is covered with the raffle monies. Please plan on purchasing at least one ticket per attendee to help pay for the event. More details below.

    WHO'S COMING? SIGN UP - Use link below (FIRST TAB of DOC)
    Please click the link below to sign up


    Vendor Sales
    As with all MAHHAs, there will be no vendor sales. MAHHA hangs are for fun, fellowship, food, relaxation, etc. We, as a group, do not have a sales permit from PGFST, and have no interest in obtaining one.

    - Saturday Breakfast is a long tradition at MAHHA. Come to the pavilion at the crack of Dutch until 9:30 am or until the food is gone.
    - Saturday Dinner we will have our community Pulled Pork Pot Luck Dinner followed by a group photo. Raffle money will provide pulled pork sandwiches. Be sure to sign up here to contribute to the pot luck dinner.
    Please try to bring your own washable plates and eating utensils to reduce our footprint.
    Note: We asked for less seasoning on the pork this year as we found it to be a tad on the salty side.

    Cell Phone Coverage
    There is next to no coverage in the park. I have been able to text more often than call. There are some locations where there is some call coverage, but not very reliable.

    Free Camping
    All of the group sites have been reserved. The cost for these sites is covered with the raffle monies.

    Free Firewood
    Each of these group sites have their own campfire ring. Friends of Pine Grove Furnace are dropping off a load of firewood on Friday night for free because we have donated to the group in the past. You can bring fire wood, just make sure it is from PA as per PGFST requests. Note: The park allows gathering dead, down wood... but no chainsaws in the park.

    The group site has a water pump near the parking area.

    The group site has men and women's flush toilets and sinks with running water within walking distance.

    With the large number of attendees, there will be a concern for parking. There is a large parking lot at the group sites, but we need to park conservatively. Our group will be the only one using this parking lot, so it will be better than years before. As last year, there will be no parking allowed along the entry road into the group camping area. And there will be no parking allowed on the main road.

    Anyone coming for the day on Saturday, will need to park in one of the day use areas...not in the group camping parking lot.

    Pre-Hikers/Post-Hikers...There will be NO parking in the group parking lot before Friday or after Sunday late afternoon. Please do not go to the office and ask....not happening. You can use the Parking area available for the Appalachian trail located near the Furnace Stack Pavilion. You will need to register your vehicle with the office. You may also use the parking lot down the Caledonia State Park...on the other side of Rt. 30. You might need to register your vehicle there also.

    Pay Family Campground
    It is just up the road on the right. Sites can and should be reserved for anyone not wanting to hang or tent in the Group Camping Area. There are sites with electric. There are sites that allow dogs. There is a bath house with showers and flush toilets for those with sites. Note, sites with electric that allow dogs have the highest demand. The person reserving sites in the Family Campground is responsible for the cost.

    Dogs are not allowed in the Group Camping area, but are allowed at the pavilion and at certain campsites in the family campground. Service dogs are allowed anywhere in the park.

    No alcoholic beverages allowed in the state park. Rangers will be patrolling the area.

    - Saturday Morning Breakfast: Dutch is the contact person. Please use the signup sheet to register your attendance and donation sheet to help contribute.
    - Saturday Supper: Pulled Pork and Kosher Hot Dogs. The cost for the supper is covered with the raffle monies. Please use the signup sheet to register your attendance and donation sheet (second tab) to help contribute. Thanks!

    Everyone is encouraged to bring a food contribution for the supper. Please see the sign-up sheet for suggested food items. There are other items needed, please sign up to bring something if you are able.

    After the meal, we will hold a raffle, which pays for all costs incurred by our event. Any extra money is donated to the park, the AT, etc., and to reserve sites for the next MAHHA. Tickets $10 each! We are asking everyone to purchase one ticket per attendee to help pay for everything.

    Clean-up after dinner
    After the meal and raffle: Please make sure you clean up your eating area and take with you, or dispose of, any food containers you brought. This will help to leave the pavilion area in the same or better condition than when we arrived.

    Leaving Your Campsite
    Sunday when leaving group hang area: Please look around your area before you leave to make sure everything is cleaned up, again, let's leave the group hang area in the same or better condition than when we arrived. If someone forgot something, take it with you and post on HF.

    Thanks to Dutch, Donna Weaver, and thanks everyone for all your contributions and volunteer work on this event each year!!! We have a great group!!
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