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    The first thing that comes to mind when someone says “Cedar Ridge”, I think of All-American Southern Comfort. Their quilts are some of the softest, roomiest, top quilts I’ve had the pleasure of burying my face in. This cottage company prides themselves in their homemade quilts, 100% sourced in the USA. They accommodate bigger and taller people in all their products and don’t just make / sell quilts. CRO carries tarps, hammocks, cookware, and other backpacking accessories. Aaaand, get this, I just saw their banner across their website homepage and it is offering 10% off All month with Code “hike-10”. It doesn’t show their faces, but the owners of this company are the sweetest boys in the “615” area code. As soon as you meet them, they are insta-family.

    A hearty “thankeee” to you, CRO boys. We look forward to what you’ve got brewing up for the raffle. Your donations are always a crowd pleaser… much like your balloon animals and hats. Give em some thumbs up and follows to thank them. <3


    20° Reg/Wide $305.00
    Printed Burlap outer / Coffee inner

    CRO quilt.jpg
    CRO quilt guts.jpg
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