Whooooo Buddy and Welcome to this series of Hammock How-To For Noobs.
It can be a wee bit daunting when you first enter this gentle world of back-woods comfort so hopefully you can glom some info from these videos.
There are more and more options coming along all the time so keep up and stay patient but most of all have fun!!!!!

PART 1: Why I hammock ... how I hammock and what I use to stay warm and toasty in the hammock. Also ... my deepest thoughts on the hanging philosophy. THERE ARE SEVERAL WAYS TO HANG A HAMMOCK AND STAY WARM!!!!!! THESE ARE JUST SOME OF THE OPTIONS AVAILABLE!!!
You will see the hammock (my DIY hammock) and all the parts. How to hang the hammock with Whoopie Slings and the Marlin-Spike Hitch. Tree huggers ..... please use these to protect the trees!!!! Using pads to stay warm underneath.... the Speer SPE.

Part 1

PART 2: Finish up looking at pads for bottom insulation ..... Under Quilts.......my Warbonnet Winter Yeti. The Warbonnet Black Mamba Top Quilt.

Part 2

PART 3: Getting settled in the hammock with TQ, UQ, Foot Pad, balaclava, hood. A peek at webbing suspension with cinch buckles and desender rings. And without. Carabiner and webbing hook up to tree.

Part 3

Part 4 :Lets take a look at the Warbonnet BlackBird Hammock and all of the features. Bug season is coming so bug-nets are covered. Some folks asked about attaching suspension to the hammock so I can show you what I do. A close up of the larkshead knot for suspension to the hammock. A brief chat on hammock ridgelines ... what, why and what for. A hammock song.

Part 4

PART 5: Tarps .... we love 'em .... we need 'em! Especially if you are a hammock hanger. We are going on a tarp journey ....I hope to cover MOST of the info. You are gonna have to do some research and trials yourself. It is the only way. The only. Site selection and widow-makers are touched on. Knots ... I cover a few but not all by any means! A looky-see at the continuous ridgeline for tarp. Under the tarp for snow camping. See the much talked about "figure 9" in action. Oh, the thrill! Toggles on tarp d-rings. Whooooo Pull outs on tarps. Some guy line speak. A look inside my DIY winter Tarp with Doors. A Coyote kill site.

Part 5

PART 6: We go over proper tarpage over the hammock. Focus on ends ...... See how the tarp moves and slides for adjustability on the continuous ridgeline. Where to tie the tarp on the trees. Not into continuous ridgeline? We go old school and simple. Tie right of the end of the tarp with two lines. Look at a couple of easy-peasy knots. THESE ARE NOT THE ONLY KNOTS THAT YOU CAN USE..... There are so many. These are just what I use.

Part 6

PART 7: More tarp tips. More on site selection Look at shock-cord pull outs. Close up of corner guy lines. See the snow stake. In the snow! A SPAM Moment. Winter Porch tarp set-up. I jump back and answer questions on why I use a 1/2 UnderQuilt and not a Full Length. A glance at my winter go-to stove. Some goodnight palaver. Morning grog and tarp talk.

Part 7

PART 8: The journey continues...... most of this is from my overnighter so some camp talk as well. *Look at some fun features and stuff you can do with the continual ridgeline. *Re-visit the shock-cord pull-outs. *A 360 looky-see at my DIY Winter Tarp with Velcro Doors. *Stuffing into snakeskins ... again. *A pep talk!! *The continual ridgeline over the TOP of the tarp. *Put up the Speer Winter Tarp. *A Tarp blues ditty....... *Over & Out.

Part 8

PART 9: ***WARNING*** OLD IRISH MAN RAPPING!!!! GEEZER HIP-HOP!!!! OK ... you heeded the caution so proceed to Tarp Rap...... I indulged myself a wee bit on this one. *A photo-show mandolin intro...... *Hip-Hop in the Piney Woods... Lil' Shug & The Players bring on "the Tarp Life Ya'll" ... guest appearances from Karl Childers, Jasper Pipestone & Roid the Clown. Yo..... *Tarp action at 2:19....A TOUR OF THE SPEER WINTER TARP. *Hannibal Lecter stops by ...... he was late for the "Tarp Life Ya'll" shoot and was his usual creepy, cranky self. * Guy line Tarp Tensioners. *Were seeing stakes ...... *Marlin-Spike stake tie.

Part 9

PART 10: Now I know that I left out a bunch of info but that is now your quest ...... to be inspired to research, practice, succeed and fail in your hammock journey. There is a lot to it and as I discovered doing these 10 videos .... hammocks are for those that like to dink around and tweak and play. *A look at my 11'x6' DIY tarp. My small 3 season one. My favorite tarp. 15 ounces with lines, snakeskins and all. *Weathershield .... see my DIY one. 7 ounces. Easy project. JacksrBetter sell a Dri-Ducks poncho mod for a weathershield if you don't want to make one. *Added "lifters" to my Warbonnet Winter Yeti UnderQuilt ..... *An inspirational speech *My camp on day one. *Morning talk and "Breakfast From The Hammock" POV *A peek at my friend Pizza's Warbonnet SuperFly Tarp with Doors. *And song to the JRB Old Rag Mountain Top Quilt *Morning report Day 2 *Packa as a wind block

Part 10

Left-Over footage from the 10 PART Hammock How-To Series!!!!
This is footage that just did not fit in and it is stuff from all over the place....
*Re-visit the Black Bishop Bag ......
*Nifty Little Item ... the ScrewPop....
*The Peak Bag from ZQ and 2Q...
*POV view from hammock of my hillbilly morning kitchen
*What I wore to sleep on my 0 night in early March
*Cold Feet on me..... Hot drinks ....
*Thoughts on how much white gas to bring daily on deep winter Minnesota type backpack trips...
*The Fisker Saw.....
*Situation Reports......

Leftovers & Then Some

Thanks for watching some or all of these. All secure in sector seven, Shug