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    Just ordered my first real camping hammock!

    Not sure if this is the right section for this or not, but I just placed an order for my first real camping hammock from Dutch and I'm just so excited I could burst!

    I had an old ENO double nest for years and years, only used for lounging in the yard but now I've done all the research I can, asked as many people as I could and finally took the plunge during this sale and got me a REAL hammock!

    I ended up going with a regular Chameleon, single layer 1.6 hexon in Coyote Brown with a symmetrical bug net, a Coyote Brown side sling, and a mesh Peak Shelf. I also had to nab me one of those $2 inflatable pillows because I'd never seen anything like that before and it's only two bucks! You can't even buy a burger that would fill you up for that!!!

    I was debating on getting a mesh side car as well in this order, as a place to put things that need to breathe/dry while I'm in my hammock, but I pretty much capped out my budget as it is so I'll be eyeing that for later. I can't wait to see what other modular options Dutch comes up with as time goes on, consider how cool the side cars/slings/peak shelves are so far!

    You probably noticed I didn't order any suspension system. I already have a pair of whoopie slings from Dutch and a pair of daisy chain web straps from HammockGear I used for my ENO, so I'll be using that while I save up money for a set of Beetle Buckles and straps. I've been watching the YouTube videos on them and they just look absolutely foolproof, perfect for a fool like me! I'm still learning how to adjust the whoopie slings, but at least they'll get me started.

    Anyway, I'm just really excited for my new hammock and just wanted to yell it from these digital rooftops towards folks who would understand.


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    Right on!!! You cant go wrong with that set up

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    It's a great time to buy with the sale going on! I have exactly the same setup for my son, but with no bugnet yet... since he's only camped while with me, I keep the Double Dutch bugnet packed with his hammock.

    I think you'll be surprised by what you can put into the Sidesling. I was. Its depth is deceiving, and it's pretty long. I keep a Sidecar on my hammock and when the two hammocks are zipped together, the Sidesling sits between them.


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    You hit the jackpot with timing the sale. Enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argent View Post
    I was debating on getting a mesh side car as well in this order, as a place to put things that need to breathe/dry while I'm in my hammock, but I pretty much capped out my budget as it is so I'll be eyeing that for later.
    Congrats on your new gear! Allow me to offer some unsolicited advice regarding the add-ons.....Try using what you will get for a while and see how you like it before adding multiple pieces of new gear at one time. I know we all want it all and we want it NOW, but it takes a while to sort through things to see what you actually need (or luxury items you think are worth the extra bulk and $$$) For instance, I've added the Dutch 2T's chair/gear sling/pack cover/ground sheet to my kit because to me, the half pound extra (with suspension for the chair) is worth it because I like to have a gear sling to keep my stuff close at night and the chair really came in handy on a long lunch during my recent FHT hike. Others will say the half pound is way too much for them because they don't ever use a chair and are fine keeping everything in their packs under the hammock at night. Neither view is right and neither is wrong, it's just what works for you. See you on the trail!

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    Thanks everyone and you're right, I do feel like I hit the jackpot with this sale!

    Clisbyclark, I'm gonna have to slow down with the add-ons because my budget is shot! I don't have much in the way of disposable income for stuff like this, but I have been saving a little for the past few months after I paid off the surgery bill for my dog this Spring. I ended up making this purchase a little earlier than I had planned, because of the sale, but it makes sense to buy it now while it's on sale than later and have to pay more.

    I still have to get a tarp and an underquilt before I head out this Fall, maybe a top quilt if I'm lucky (though I'll probably try to make due with a cheap blanket or something due to budget constraints).

    When it comes to this type of gear it definitely seems like the old saying "buy once, cry once" is true. This stuff sure isnt cheap but when you factor in the years it should last vs. cheaper options, I think it's worth it.


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    Happy days ahead! I think you'll be pleased with your choice on the symmetrical bugnet. For me, the symmetrical version seems to make it easier to get a good flat lay. The asym I started with on my Chameleon was kind of fussy, it seemed to me.

    Since I'm either car or canoe camping, the extra "weight" of the symmetrical bugnet is immaterial. But I'm keeping my asym top cover, to make the space I need to heat up in my miniature climate zone smaller.

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    Youíre gonna dig the chameleon. Itís by far my favorite setup.

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