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    SMR Inferno UQ on Ninox hammock

    So I finally got to try this combo. As SMR hammocks have rings meant to mate with the toggles on the SMR UQs, I have often wanted to try one of their hammocks with my SMR UQ. When they came out with a new hammock for which they were making grand claims, that seemed like just the encouragement I needed to get another hammock which I did not need. In hopes not only that it might be extra comfy, but also work even better than normal with my SMR UQ. This UQ is pointed on the ends(shaped like a GE hammock) and connects with elastic webbing coming off of those ends, and seems better than most at preventing drafts from the ends.

    The comfort and various pros and cons of this hammock are still up for debate. It will take more time for me to know for sure. But, I feel it is at least as comfy as any gathered end I have use, and it is the roomiest hammock I have used without a doubt. That attribute has been growing on me. After switching back to a hammock that I normally thought of as roomy, it felt a bit confined after being in and out of the Ninox last couple of days! But, how much I like the hammock over all is still undecided. Like most hammocks I have tried, it has it's pros and cons.

    However, using the Inferno UQ with it( a real task in these warm temps) was about as good as it gets, way better than most. It was a slight disappointment in one way: I was looking forward using toggles on the UQ to connect to D rings on the hammock. But, considering the width of this hammock, I felt like it might be pulling the quilt too tight. Though I was able to use these on one side. Maybe later I can connect the other one with a bit of shock cord?

    But what did seem to work very nicely was the off set D rings near the ends of the hammock, on opposite sides, on the diagonal.Connecting the elastic webbing coming off of the pointy end of this UQ sort of forces the UQ into a diagonal. I felt I noticed much less tendency for the left foot end side of the UQ to gap away, as I often do with full length UQs. Any way, the fit head to toes seemed snug and gap free in all areas, with very little hassle.

    First, a picture from SMR of the Inferno on the occupied Ninox. The rest of the pictures are mine:

    Head end of UQ attached to left side of hammock with D ring:

    Foot end with attachment point on opposite side of hammock, causing UQ to be on a slight diagonal. In both cases, you can see how the elastics in the UQ cause itto hug the hammock:

    Foot end has a snug fit on all areas:

    Head end is snug in all areas. As I was soon abiut to suffer spontaneous combustion, I was also glad to notice that by reaching behind my head and loosening the head end strap, I could change the fit from snug, to not quite snug, to outright gap in most areas of several inches. It made a huge difference in ability to stay cool enough(I had a large outdoor fan blowing on me)

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    Really good to know. I have the inferno as well and have used it this Summer attached to my Sparrow with great success. I am not one for "fiddle factor" and have had mediocre success with different UQ's because of them always coming off my outside shoulder during the night. I attached it to the Sparrow using the UQ clips so it was placed on the diagonal and stayed in place all night. Great designed product. I did just receive my Ninox but have only had a chance to lay in it for a 10 minute test. I found that I needed to loosen up the ridgeline to the max and feel it still might not be long enough. I did experience the same CAVERNOUS feel of this hammock and must say I really love that aspect. I look forward to a full fledged trail when the weather here in Michigan cools down some more - targeting upper 40's at night. I am not sure I am liking how much the Ninox stretches. I am a big guy and always use double hammocks with heavy material just so there is minimal stretch. My Sparrow is probably the most comfy to date followed closely by the WB XLC.
    Nice review and keep them coming always enjoy reading them.
    It is always better to throw out then up

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    Thanks, Dave! Good to know some others have used this UQ with success! Good luck with the Ninox!

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