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    Quote Originally Posted by Ewker View Post
    here are my pics from last weekend. The first part of them are pics of teh Virginia Creeper Bike Trail
    so i guess that was a day hike since you were staying at the camp ground?
    and just were was your hammock ewker???<g>

    i just did that hike a couple weeks ago. i walked over to the horse trail in the protected area between elk garden & deep gap & yep, the at's much better to hike on. but i did find that there was water about a 5 minute walk down the blue blaze trail on the other side of the horse trail.

    what's the story w/ cody's cross? was that on the horse trail?
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    Tim, no place to put a hammock with all the rhododendron around each campsite. I bet that campgrounds is awesome when they all are in bloom. Yeah just a short dayhike but it was a nice day for it. We saw quite a few folks out backpacking and day hiking. We did get off the horse trail at Deep Gap and took the AT back down.

    I have no idea on who or what Cody was. It just looked funny with that big pile of rocks right by the cross

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