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    Amsteel/whoopie sling as a taut line

    Hello all, just came on board with the whole forum thing. I have been hanging in a Hennessy for the past 5 years and working it w/ lashes, carabiners and descending rings. All have been great. So why mess w/ success you may ask, well like the other posts I want to dabble with new ideas and possibilities. I recently picked up a Tensa Solo for those JIC times w/ one good anchor spot. I got the poles only and had picked amsteel line, watched some u-tube and made whoopie slings & 2 12’ anchor lines with a loop. LONG question “short”, does/can a whoopie sling work as an anchor line? It is slippery as an eel and tying a functioning taut line seems like a huge No Go. Thanks for reading all this. Awesome posts that I have used and digested over the past years.

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    I doubt it. Whoopies don't adjust well under tension, and that's what this sounds like.

    When people first start using whoopie slings, they try to use them in all manner of ways for which they were not intended. For example, I thought whoopies would be great as a tarp suspension - nope. They're impossible to adjust under tension. I've seen other folks try to use whoopies on their tarp guylines. I guess this might work a wee bit better because you can always pull out the stake to relieve the tension, but whoopie slings are really subpar at that type of thing.

    A whoopie sling might work as an anchor for a Tensa, but you will have to relieve the tension to adjust.
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