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    Ridgecreek XL and Spindrift temp rating

    I have never used my ridgerunner in less than high 30 degree weather, looking to do a BWCA trip for late September early October. I have a Ridgecreek 3 season, a spindrift and i also own a static v luxe insulated pad as well, which combo would be the best, i'd rather not bring the pad, but since it's a canoe trip the weight isn't a big deal. I should add that my Top quilts are both Down, 20 degree and 40 degree with 1oz overstuff, i think the choice here is obvious with the 20 degree.

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    It's hard to say for certain without knowing the temp forecast for your trip. Average lows in MN are 34/35 degrees but it could be significantly different from week to week. With the gear you listed the ridgecreek/spindthrift/20 degree quilt should keep you pretty snug easily into the low 20's. If it's going to get colder than that you should bite the bullet and either add the pad or spring for warmer insulation.

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    I have used the 3-season Ridge Creek XL as low as 25 degrees (the temp it's rated for) and stayed comfortable through the night. This was without a pad, Spindrift, underquilt protector, or even a tarp. However, this was a single night, so I didn't have to worry about the compounding effects a multi-night trip can have on gear's ability to keep you warm. It was also not very windy on my 25 degree night (or I probably would have used a tarp).

    If the gear stays relatively dry and/or has a chance to dry out some during the day, I think you'd be ok with the Ridge Creek XL, Spindrift, and 20 degree topquilt down to 20-25 degrees, but I say that without knowing whether you're a warm or cold sleeper and this also ignores the oft-recommended 10 degree buffer, so take my words with a grain of salt.

    The pad would provide some simple insurance, so you might consider bringing it along, especially since you don't have to carry it (outside of potential portage situations).

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