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    HG 11 camo dcf winter tarp $375

    0FD09CD8-ACAB-41D8-BBA8-7568AA825709.jpgFor sale 11 winter dcf camo tarp. Free shipping to lower 48. PayPal only. Camo dcf snake skins. 8 zpacks carbon stakes. Priced to move. This tarp had damage for a stick. I sent it back to HG for professional repair, see pics. There are 2 patches. Im having issues attaching the pics.
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    What was the size of the repair and how old is the tarp?

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    Sorry I tried to upload pics again and now they are upside down. Just text me or email if you prefer. 7703132778 [email protected]

    Tarp is maybe 3 years old, has 20 nights or so. 2 quarter size rips that are patched.

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    I'll take it.

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    Payment received item sold

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