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    What is the best under quilt for a Hennessy hammock

    I have a Hennessy Deluxe Explorer hammock it opens on the bottom and is held close with velcro.
    What is the best under quilt to use for this type of hammock. I hope to get something quickly to do some camping this fall.

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    I'm fairly new to hanging and there may be better options available that I'm not aware of, but in my research before buying my HH, and considered bottem entry, "The Nest" from Jacksrbetter came up repeatedly as being the "go-to" bottom entry UQ designed specifically for HH's. I don't own any of his gear, but "was" planning on buying a Mt. Washington UQ for my HH Jungle Explorer XL until a member put up an UQ for sale that works beautifully and saved me a bit of change. I know JRB has an excellent reputation and boiled down to my first choice for these larger, longer, wider HH's.

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    In addition to JRB, who make fine quilts, there's also Arrowhead Equipment, with their Potomac which is purpose-built for Hennessey:

    Disclaimer: I own equipment from both JRB and AHE, though not the specific quilts mentioned. Both are fine companies.

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    My wife is hanging in a Expedition Zip and she uses a HG phoenix. That is the only one she has and she is happy!
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    I've used a Hammock Gear Incubator and a Jack's are Better Nest. Both worked very well. The Nest has omni tape on it and mates to the hammock which is pretty darn nifty. Less fiddle factor getting in and out of the hammock. Note that there really isn't much fiddle factor with a traditional UQ (like any of the ones mentioned) on a Hennessy.

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    The Nest will work. Photo below show it at Big Meadow above Todd Lake in Bend Oregon. But just about any underquilt will work. It is easy to push it out of the way as you get in/out of the hammock.

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    Along with a couple of other fine choices, the JRB Nest has been mentioned. That UQ has been marketed for bottom entry/BE(could also be used for side entry) HHs for at least 12 or 13 years, and apparently folks are still buying them. And indeed, based on my previous experience, JRB makes some very high high quality gear that has always worked for me with little to no fiddle factor. AHE is also high very quality if you don't require down, and make UQs designed for BE HH. I have some of their synthetic gear, very excellent.

    But I must ask: do you require a full length UQ? I am partial to partial length, mine have been JRBs, and I feel that the learning curve is about non existent with those, or at least less than full length. And they would be more convenient for getting in and out of a bottom entry than a normal full length that is not specifically built for bottom entry. (with a pad when needed for lower legs/feet)

    But full length, partial length or special design for bottom entry, all of the JRB UQs have side tabs/loops that match up with the HH side tie outs.

    Another design meant specifically for HHs(one model for side and one for BE ) is HHs own insulation system, the HH Super Shelter. Some of us love them, but they are not very popular. But I'm pretty sure that most of us who have used them like them pretty well. They often go on sale in Oct.

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