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    I know this is far from a new idea and I have read of more than 1 attempt to do this but most involve an asym setup. Would it be possible to have a rectangular (even hex) setup? I use a shorter hammock so a 10' ridge line would be fine (maybe even ideal). I am 6'1" and if i measure from the top of my shoulder down 5' gives me plenty of clearance to not step on the tarp. Length doesn't seem like it would be my limiting factor. Width however might be. My question I wanted to ask is how I can decide how wide I can go on a poncho? For the tarp configuration the wider the better but at what point is the width just too much to wear?

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    I’ve played around with Poncho/tarp idea. It’s either a bad poncho or bad tarp...IMO.
    Can you cinch it up for better fitting poncho? Yes.
    Can it be a tarp? Yes.
    But it’s not ideal at both jobs.

    Mine were DIY, single wide (60”-64” wide), 90”+ or - long rectangles, with a hood. Can it be cat cut aka hex? Sure. Give it a try.

    The one problem is when you need to leave the shelter. Do you tear down and pack up camp or run thru the rain?
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