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    Looks like a variation of the Eureka Chrysalis to me, although it's much deeper. I don't like the tent fly. With the Chrysalis it was prone to condensation, and you get wet immediately upon exiting. The Haven Tent might offer a bit more protection, since you can use it in porch mode. But it seems like it's sewn to the hammock, which means you have to pack the wet fly with the hammock - yikes. Also, the complete hammock seems to be made of a water-proof fabric. Maybe it doesn't matter since it seems to need a pad in order to work.

    After my experience with the Ninox, I'll pass. I find the design interesting, but I don't like to pay for doing the r&d for somebody else.

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    That was my first thought too. It's heavy and doesn't solve a single problem any experienced hangers have in a tent or a hammock. I've been burned more than once on crowdsourced projects, so maybe that's influencing my opinion, but this product reads more like a made-in-china product aimed at profits than actually contributing to the community, a la cottage vendors.

    Jack of all trades and master of none doesn't appeal to me, and at 6lbs it better move mountains to earn a place in my pack. It would be great to wrong about Kickstarter for once, since the concept is a good one, even if it's targeted at inexperienced hikers/beginners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Bill View Post
    Minus the useless pad- REI sells a better kit if you are shopping for all in one's with a useless tarp. Though REI's is probably a hair more useful and you have a year to return it.

    The REI thingy isn't really a bridge... not quite sure if this one is either... Amok/bridge baby is pretty accurate structurally.
    I was with you until this part. I'm a bit confused about why the REI isn't a bridge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrope View Post
    I was with you until this part. I'm a bit confused about why the REI isn't a bridge.
    This gets pretty nerdy but I'll try....

    A spreader bar hammock (typical backyard woven rope or fabric with clew suspension) is not a bridge:
    The fabric itself is still the structure, with the bars literally there to spread the hammock fabric only.
    There is some load on the bars, but they are not part of the primary structure. If you removed them you'd have a gathered end. A crappy one likely, but a gathered end.

    A bridge hammock uses the same principal as a suspension bridge to provide the structure:
    The poles act as the towers or struts that carry the suspension cables. They are fully load bearing.
    For the primary suspension cables; You can use either a rolled web edge (Pretty much everyone) or an amsteel in channel edge (Grizz and most of mine).

    For the most part there are usually secondary suspension cables that then support the bridge deck (road surface). In what we call a bridge hammock; the fabric serves both of these purposes. We basically take a deck (sleep area) and then extend the fabric to reach the primary suspension at the edges. This suspends the deck off the primary structural pieces.

    If you remove the poles... you could technically squeeze yourself in there but it wouldn't really be comfortable in any way. It's actually very hard to do (i have tried) and even harder to get out.
    In addition- unlike a gathered end or spreader bar hammock, the remaining load bearing structure would still remain on the edge of the hammock.

    The fabric is hanging off the structure, but isn't really providing any structure. It does have a certain rigidity (just like the roadway of the bridge deck) but cannot support itself or bear weight without the 'Tower and Cable'

    Here is a video of mine showing how an amsteel in channel suspension works. As you will note- no fabric present.

    The REI Bridge:
    I suppose it is fair to call it a 'bridge', but it is not a 'suspension bridge'. I suppose the more accurate term would be a Truss Bridge.
    I'm a carpenter, so I'd imagine an engineer could rightly take umbrage with my version of things.. but close enough. (Though I am a fairly fancy pants carpenter; a panel and truss designer of multi-story light ga buildings and swing a mouse these days more often than a hammer.)

    Technically I'd call it an inverted truss, or a top chord bearing/bottom chord loaded truss bridge.
    If you look carefully at the REI bridge you will notice that it is actually constructed with a bottom panel (like a bathtub floor of a tent). One could call that a 'deck' in bridge terminology.
    If you look carefully at the side panels- you will see small lines of flat felled seams in a pattern that many truss designers may recognize. Even if you are not familiar with it you can see that those lines run from roughly spreader pole tip down to the bedspace and form triangles.

    Now this isn't truly a truss per say... but the principal is similar. Because it's fabric you can do it a bit differently. But basically what you have is a pair of trusses running down each side of the bridge. Instead of sheathing that with some drywall- you sew a panel of fabric across (the bath tub floor) and any weight you apply to the fabric is transferred out and up through the truss on the side and out to the tree.

    Also because it is fabric... and not a rigid plank or concrete bridge deck... something has to hold these two trusses running along the sides apart so they don't collapse. So they shoved a few aluminum poles in each end to do the job. Really this isn't much different than attaching the edges to a top plate of a wall or concrete bulkhead on either bank of the river. Something rigid to attach the truss to prevent rollover. It's almost used in a similar manner as the bar in a spreader bar hammock. (Which brings us all the way around to why I mentioned it). The REI bar spreads but doesn't truly work to carry your full load.

    It's also greatly assisted by adding a sleeping pad (a more rigid deck) as it's still just a bunch of fabric no matter how fancy.
    To a large extent that's basically what this kickstarter thing is as well. The Amok also relies on a sleeping pad to fudge in some missing structural support.
    What is unique about what REI did... is that you CAN use it without a pad. It's not as good, but it is quite possible and some folks less picky than us would likely enjoy it greatly.

    End of the day... I suppose we are splitting hairs... but only because the options are increasing and new variations are popping up.
    You can have a wolf and a dog (domesticated wolf)... you only need names for dog breeds once they show up.

    So you could call them all bridges if you wanted...

    The Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock is named after a famous suspension bridge after all... and that basic principal is found in Jacks, Warbonnet, Bic, Grizz, WV, and my stuff too.
    We all more or less make a suspension bridge based design structurally speaking.

    The REI hammock is technically called the REI Quarter Dome Air Hammock without the word bridge appearing at all.

    But the REI bridge is definitely a different design than other bridge hammocks.
    I would call it a truss bridge if forced. It simply doesn't work the same way any other bridge hammock works.

    Unlike some of these other things... the REI Quarter Dome does bring something new to the space. I don't think you could really replicate it outside a big boy manufacturing setting either as it's actually much more complicated than it seams. (spelling pun intended) Using structural flat felled seams is very innovative and would probably take some computer aided engineering/modeling and perhaps manufacturing.

    I don't think the REI thing is better than current bridge hammock offerings- but it is interesting and a much better option if one is looking at these 'all in one' kits.
    Worst case... once fair weather summer use ends you end up picking up a better tarp and you're still in buisiness. With most of these all in one starter jobs you might as well toss the whole mess in the recycle bin. The quarter dome air is still a functional hammock with integrated bug net. You can add the pad of your choice so you're not screwed on insulation or seasonally limited.

    That kickstarter thing uses a non-standard size rectangular pad- which screws you into only buying an insulated version down the line when/if they produce one. You might be able to wedge something in there, but the pad is a critical structural component... so your comfort will always be compromised.

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    All other details aside, that looks like it would be super comfortable for side sleeping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by questionmike View Post
    All other details aside, that looks like it would be super comfortable for side sleeping.
    yup, I have to admit, I'd really like to give it a try.

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    How much does a Pomeranian weigh? I have seen some beefy ones.
    Less if you subtract the "Rain fly 14 oz (.4 kg) and Mosquito netting 5 oz (.1 kg)".
    But hey, you can rig it from Trekking poles (not included).

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunner76 View Post
    78" long by 23" wide...too narrow and too short

    250 lb weight limit... I guess only light weight tenters ( since this is not a hammock according to them ) can use this

    Claims only two anchor point needed then shows the tarp using 4 tie outs...which is it

    I will stick with my hammock
    250 LBs is light? IMO that's the limits of safe hanging

    That's about the recommended safety rating for 7/64th amsteel (minimum breaking load is like 1400 Lbs, so at a 5 times safety rating on CL; you're looking at a Max load of 275 or so.....

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    13 those dimensions and shape it would be pretty easy to make an underquilt for colder weather. I’ve made a few diy underquilts for friends that were rectangles and 78” long.

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    Fellow Hammockers,

    BE aware that since this is a "unique" design chinese scammers are going to town like they did with fake Amok ads on facebook a few monthd ago. I have found over 60 scamming ads on facebook offering the haven hammock for a fraction of the cost.

    If you see the ads and it is not from Haven Tents directing you to kickstarter you might as well throw your money out the window.
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