Thank you to Jared, who is as fast and skilled as has been told, for my new hammock.
I'm really digging it.

I write this to offer my own personal findings. I had already decided I wanted a symmetrical net and double layer but I still had some questions/concerns while trying to decide on wide vs standard.
I went through this on my last hammock purchase too and that time opted for standard. I was happy with it for years but always wondered if I'd like wide better.
You can read reports and reviews all you like and watch all the videos you can find but it ends up being a subjective issue.
I went with wide trimmed down to 64" this time.
This is what I found...
I'm 6' 280 lbs, and not a fluffy 280 lbs but dense. (do not read muscle there just dense)
I am thrilled with how it fits me. I find that i do not lay on a more extreme or pronounced diagonal to make use of the width, but much as i did before only now my feet and head are not right to the edges. I am afforded a bit of extra space that creates a bit of pocket area.
Also there is not really excess material, i would call it "a little more than just enough". I in no way need to stake it out.
I was pleased to find that because I'm not laying on a larger diagonal, it in no way impacts my under quilt. The extra width is acting more like length in the actual bed area. If that makes sense.

So I find that i like double layer 1.6 hexon better than the single 2.4 of my last hammock, love the symmetrical netting, having zippers anywhere you like is awesome, and 64" wide is perfect for me.

Sweet piece of gear.