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Thread: Type of pad

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    These days I find the cost of "air pads" outrageous. Over $100 for what is essentially and air mattress! And it seems the more expensive/gimmicky the less it would work for me. I'm thinking specifically of those with some kind of fill. They are so LOUD. I tried one with similar fill in a pillow design. Every time I moved my head it sounded like crunching a bag full of corn flakes next to my ear. My go-to-ground option - and what I used before I got UQ's - was an older ¾ therm-a-rest Guide. A few years ago, for winter, I bought a similar design (no fancy fill) in full length for winter. I do have plenty of CCF pads (been hiking for decades) collected over the years. They are fine for a day hike and picnic table bench cushions/insulators.

    For experiments, I bought a roll of Reflexit. I'll need to see if I can fold the width in half before I roll it. So far, I've just cut the length I want and roll it like a CCF pad. With my therm-a-rests, I can fold them in half, then roll them. The cylinder is larger in diameter of course, but the shorter roll length is easier to pack in a kayak hatch.
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    You can do that with reflection, just very bulky, but wicked light and effective. I think it insulates pretty well for the weight and thickness.

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