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Thread: Colorado Recs

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    Colorado Recs

    Will be going out to CO for the first week of October. Buddy and I are looking for a place to car camp (hanging) and do some fly fishing, preferably somewhere foot hills. Thinking staying low (<11k) and distance from Denver isn't really a concern as we have no particular schedule. Any recommendations for car camping spots with good fishing and hanging?


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    The South Platte and the Northfork of the South Platte is a good place to fish. You can not hang by the water but you can hang on the Colorado trail or anywhere in the National Forests.
    Here's what the NFSP looks like. Its a little muddy because we have had a lot of rain lately it is usually very clear. Google maps the CT seg 2 and 3 to get the area maps

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    Redfeather Lakes, Co area - borders NTL. Forest land where free to disperse camp - (car camping with rules) 1) 100 feet from road or trail or 200 feet from divided road or water source. Fires only where permitted so do research first.
    Dispersed Camping

    Or if you simply want to get Off Path and do some Red Feather Lakes dispersed camping, you have options around Red Feather Lakes. One of our favorite areas is a little north of the main Red Feather Lakes next to Lost Lake (distinct from the Lost Lake near Steamboat Springs). At Lost Lake, you will find a small group of lakes surrounded by dispersed camping sites – some you can drive to and some you have to walk to.

    This area attracts fewer people than the Dowdy Lake area because the road to get to Lost Lake is a little rough and isn’t that well maintained at times. So take it slow and use a car with some ground clearance. It’s not anything technical or crazy; plenty of RVs were up there and we even saw some sedans at the lake. I wouldn’t recommend taking a sedan though.

    There are two other smaller lakes near Lost Lake, which are essentially large ponds, and they have campsites all around them. We found a nice little rock outcropping right on the edge of one with a perfect tent site that was at least 300’ from the water. Great spot for Red Feather Lakes dispersed camping.

    Check out canyon Lakes forestry district too.

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