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    Quote Originally Posted by Moray View Post
    I just got back from a week long trip to the BW. We went in 9/4-9/10. Our group of 3 had a great time with good fishing and pretty good weather. I think my 2 camp mates were a little jealous when they saw my RR/Superfly combo setup in porch mode! They are both tent guys but maybe not next year. I try to do 2 trips to the BW every year,one in spring and fall. I have to say I think I enjoy the fall trip a bit more,better weather and less bugs.
    I agree, my wife thinks of the hammock in porch mode as a sleeping pill, once she gets in that is all she wrote. The cool fall weather helps that too. We might try to go around the 12th next year and catch a few more leaves turning.

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    Good stuff. I still have this on my to-do list, but the 12hr drive kinda ruins it. I can hammer out miles like nobody's business, but at a certain point the fun gets diluted no matter what. Plus I have to drive thru/around Chicago. I HATE Chicago and everything about it. Can't explain, just do. Or I could get on the SS Badger and add a few hours!

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