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    Quote Originally Posted by wahowad View Post
    I’ve had mine too long to return it. And so far I don’t do enough hammock hanging to warrant investing in another. We just sometimes hang it on camping trips, maybe hang in it a little while. Not hammock camping.

    Glad to know it isn’t just me! I’ll just try to deal with it and then do more research if I ever decide to buy a replacement.
    Then just measure the flat length, take 83%, tie loops in the end of some cord at that overall length[prefz is amsteel for no-stretch], and loop them at the place where your suspension departs the fabric.
    That will give you the right amount of droop. Hang so that that cord "just" twangs, and try for a 30% angle from the trees to the ends.
    You should be as good as it can get!
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    Not just you. The DN was too annoying, so I traded it in for a SN, which has the same problem, just less of it. Ridgeline helped, but the SN doesn't make it as an overnight sleeper. Naps OK.

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    I happen to sleep very well in my ENO SN, even though ist is only 7'5 (bought 2012). The flapping of the fabric is way worse with the DN. With both models you can put some stones in the side pocket and throw it over you for some coverage though, which is kind of nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wahowad View Post
    I have not used my Eno Doublenest very much (and not a big hammock user to start with, so my knowledge is limited) but every time I try to use it I feel swallowed up by the fabric that wraps up around me on the sides. I end up with a slit of opening at the top and can no longer see the campsite and scenery around me.

    I've tried 'laying sideways' by partially laying offset in it but either I'm doing it wrong or it just isn't helping. Suggestions?
    Not to be rude--I had a excellent giggle while reading your post.

    I could have posted the same comment. That was the beginning of my quest for my comfortable Hang.

    After buying several hammocks I discovered a few things.

    I have become claustrophobic. Surprise to me because in the past I did a lot of Splunking and crawling into small places. Now in middle life I discover I am claustrophobic, really odd but very real!

    My answer for my need is a 10ft. hammock, mostly a bridge type (they give the best all around view). I do have two gathered end hammocks my very favorite is the SLD. The way the hammock is designed I am able to pop right out of it. My second easy out GE is the Blackbird 10 ft.

    I firmly believe you need to tryout hammoxks to see what fits your needs. Plus as I matured as a Hanger my needs have changed. In the beginning I thought my ENO experience was great, then great but not comfortable, but better than the ground. I evolved as HF has matured.

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