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    Tarp Setup Update - Thanks so much for all the help.

    My tarp is seam sealed on one side and hanging until I take off this weekend. It's family stuff but I'm taking my tarp on the thin chance I can get out Saturday night.

    Solved the line-tangling by wrapping around a piece of plastic the size of my hand. I just drop it and let it unwrap as I deploy the lines. Same with the stakes, just hold the line and let it drop.

    IMG_8011 (2).jpg

    To add some context - these threads in particular, not to dismiss any other threads or interactions, were so helpful getting a good setup and enough education to fall back on as I refine or change the setup. Versatility was key since I'm a grounder and still experimenting.

    The ridgeline was provided by MikekiM and works awesomely. I learned about mini-UCR's, bungy, soft shackles, Lash-It/Zing-It, and a few other cautionary notes and techniques.

    I decided to use short bungy loops larksheaded to the tarp tie-outs, cords attached to stakes, and last but not least: the firepan will not be under the tarp and have tested a SUL cover over the wind shield helping prevent sparks flying and rain putting out the small fire.

    It's been fun...sort of I'm anxious to make time for some fall overnighters.

    There was so much help and good ideas with the soft shackle button or stop knots. I'm going with this style of stop knot - Squishy posted good pictures in this thread. It's so much easier for me.
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