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    This is my 12' HG Dyneema tarp w/doors. It packs very small this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmc4free View Post
    Folding it really isn't that difficult, even in wind, as michigandave mentioned. It takes up less space that way. But I would say pack it away however you want to. There's really no right or wrong answer and there's never going to be a consensus.
    Bingo. I have found that no matter how convoluted some people's methods might be, that's what they're comfortable with and aren't likely to change unless they see another way that is radically better.

    My method is to release corner guys and let the tarp hang down, then release one end of the RL from the tree and fold the free end toward the other in zig-zag fashion, then release the other end of the RL. I then start rolling from the RL seam, tucking the stakes (in a ziploc freezer bag) in the second or third roll, then fold the ends in and continue rolling. This forces out nearly all air as it is rolled, and then the guy lines and ends of the ridge line are wrapped around the little bundle. This results in a compact and tangle-free little package that slides into the stuff sack quite easily, and it is very quick to deploy next time.
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    I'll double down on cmoulder's point that if you are going to fold & roll, it's much easier to start from the ridge seam and roll toward the edges, so that air doesn't get trapped. This is true of silpoly/nylon as well.

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