Yall have some very nice tarps.

Anyone have some Vendor tarps or Custom tarps....

I've seen some really cool Vendor tarps at HangCon in the past...

At HangCon 2017- UGQ showed off their purple dragon scale tarp *AWESOME*.
Pic by ripstopbytheroll
Attachment 144068

HangCon 2018- a hanger had the very cool Dream Hammock cover with the entire AT trail map. Although not a tarp, it was cool.
Pic from Roundtrip Raven

HangCon 2019- Juanchoman had custom tarps from Dutch, I think, with his and his daughters faces on them.
Don't have a pic here. Hopefully Juanchoman can add a pic for us.

HangCon 2019- CRO tarp
Pic by BigCRO

HangCon 2019- My HH Hex tarp
Pic by greyhound352