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    Yikes! You're the first I've heard about the Amsteel breaking. Glad you're ok.

    I've been using Turtle Ties exclusively since their inception and I do have quite a bit of wear on the Amsteel but nothing broken yet. I've intentionally been using the same Amsteel almost the entire time.

    Like you I've had a few times when I've forgotten to lock it off and been "lowered to the ground" so to speak. It does eat up the Amsteel when that happens, but I'm still using it. You've got me thinking about what other factors may have contributed to breaking the rope.

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    Good to know about the Amsteel wear and potential for failure if not locking in completely. I have been using them for a few weeks now and I have found myself always using the flipper lock before settling in for the night. I'll typically do the behind the head lock until I get my hang dialed and then flipper lock for the rest of the night. It takes very little time, adds some additional safety and reduces wear on the Amsteel. It's an easy decision for me to take 15 secs more to really lock it down.

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    I've had the semi slow drop as well with the Turtles, and it's always been the result of not using them correctly. IMO if one watches the video - and follows it - you won't have issues. And any issues experienced when not used correctly, me personally, I can't blame on the manufacturer if it's my fault for not doubling down on safely using it.

    When metal meets Amsteel you will always have wear, even with Dutch's tchotchkes which can at times have less than smooth edges (I use a couple Dutchware things myself too). Swapping out one piece of hardware for the other without checking the safest way to use it is asking for mishaps. Maybe it's just offense. :shrug:

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