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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Bill View Post
    As far as I know- Tim sources his fabric directly from the mill. I recall several posts/discussions from him regarding failed attempts to secure these materials.
    JB, I would not be surprised if that's the case. EE's 10D and 20D fabrics also seem to come in several colors that aren't familiar through DWG or RSBTR. Warbonnet is another example of a bigger vendor still bordering on the cottage industry, serving hammock users and ground dwellers alike - and they too seem to have fabrics that aren't offered through these 2 main retail fabric suppliers. Until relatively recently, WB had a pretty limited color selection, so I'd be shocked if Brandon wasn't getting that in bulk straight from the mill.

    For next year, I sort of have my eye on a 40 Revelation or Enigma and the 7D is tempting but I'd probably go with the 10D because the ounce saved isn't important to me. For a TQ, I do like the softer feel of the lower denier fabrics and that is more of a factor on a quilt to be used in warm weather, since I wouldn't be wearing long sleeved/legged base layers.

    Quote Originally Posted by erric View Post
    I'm with you Bill, my new UGQ has M10 inside and out.
    My first TQ was a 20 Bandit with M10 for both shells, and it's still probably my favorite.

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    I havent had a chance to read the entire post, I will... Glad I could help you, and really happy you like the hammock.
    A quick note on Monolite... I was one of the early adopters of Monolite for hammock use. It is/was a very comfortable fabric that somewhat defied logic. It has very little stretch for a 1.0 fabric and being able to see through it is really neat. My completed DIY UL Hammock in 1.0 Monolite came in at 8 oz on the button, with Dynaglide continuous loops, Lashit structural ridge line, #3 coil zippers half way down the sides to accommodate a removable Half Wit style bug net and a DCF stuff sack. Pretty appealing for the UL'r.
    I used it for about twenty nights as my go to and carried on the Laurel Highlands Trails...
    Last weekend I sat it in, quite easily I might add, and it ripped straight across the body of the hammock, side to side. Catastrophic failure. I am under 200lbs and absolutely baby my gear.. nothing in my pockets, I didn't bounce it... it just failed.
    * The difficulty of finding any given trail marker is directly proportional to the importance of the consequences of failing to find it.

    * I can lift all the weight I want at the gym. Walking shouldn't be a workout. ~ Just Bill

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    That's a very good rundown of current go-light options.

    No offense to anyone but per MikekiM comments, and as a witness to the event, I would scratch Monolite off the list.
    UL, because nobody ever asks "How can I make my pack heavier?"

    Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest. Leo Babauta

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