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    Quote Originally Posted by kjune View Post
    Beetle buckles have a lower weight limit than Double Whoopie Hooks is that is a concern. I went with one set of Kevlar 8’ straps and one set of 5’ Kevlar huggers with whoopies and double hooks. Continuous loops on the hammocks. For solo use I take just the straps and use becket hitch. For tandem hang I use just one spreader bar at the head end with the whoopies either directly larks headed to the hugger loop or becket hitch. I’ve never really understood the need for Marlin spike/toggle when on the trail, when the becket is available.
    Pardon my probably dumb question but why not just loop the woopie through the loop on the tree hugger? I don't see a use for a Marlin spoke either.

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    Thanks for the good info all! I think I'm going to go with the Darien (feet outwards) w/5ft tree hugger(kevlar) with Dutch double woopie to continuous loop. Quick question though, why use a Marlin spoke? Why not just loop the woopie through the treehugger?

    At first I think I'll go with a solo sized square tarp and single hammock. I just want the ability to tandom hammock and thought I should get gear that can accommodate this.

    Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?

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    Nube here and I've got some questions.

    Marlin spike hitch (no slip, no jam), allows you to attach whoopie sling close to tree rather than at end of tree strap.

    All kinds of suspensions are out there. The fun for me is making new suspensions.
    At hangs, no one cares what suspension you use.
    But if your suspension is lacking, other hammock campers will be glad to help,if asked.

    I recommend Shug’s trio of videos demonstrating various ways to rig your hammock suspension.
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    20190826_143047.jpg 20190826_125649.jpg 20190824_161401.jpg 20190824_161316.jpg 20180826_064109.jpg 20180825_230313.jpg

    Just some photos to show you.. That's using spreader bar with beetle buckles and straps.

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    I hike and hang with my daughter. We both use Dutch netless hammocks. Our suspensions differ and change around a bit during different seasons (winter dexterity dictates simple suspension). We have spreader bars but have not taken them out much. We usually rely on the alternate side of the tree method Cougarmeat mentioned. And we adjust the height - her hanging higher than myself. The vertical difference makes up for the lake of horizontal difference. Sometimes we bump each other but I find that less disturbing than the carnival ride that results from one spreader bar hammock occupant leaving while the other is still in.

    This last weekend we got off trail late (well, on time but did not compensate for sunset coming earlier in a gorge) and the trees were thin. I did not want to screw around in the dark so we went bunk bed style and this worked ok if the lower guy (me) is not claustrophobic.

    We hang under a Warbonnet Superfly. When spread out we either front porch the tarp, or raise it so it is higher up. You can also stake out the doors with a wider gap to accommodate the dual suspension lines. We also have used a Noah 12 tarp that we front porch and we can be off of different trees with 3' between us and still share a tarp. We have individual tarps so can solo hang close to each other but so far we like to hang together.

    I hope this helps.

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