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    Hi all, after a couple months of lurking around here and finally making an account, I figured I should formally make my presence known here! Been reading and learning a lot on the site, and recently learning to sew and make some of my own gear. Never camped as a kid, just getting into it now in my late 20s. Had an ENO since 2014 and slept in it a handful of times but this year got myself into a double layer dutchware netless with a klymit pad and a fronkey bug net. And now, since getting into machine sewing and DIY gear Iíve made a double layer integrated bug net hammock out of Hexon 1.6 (I will probably sew up that sleeping pad channel soon once my 20deg HG Econ bundle arrives ) Heading up to do the Manistee River Loop and a section of the NCT this weekend to take the new hammock out on the first of many adventures.

    Glad to have found the site and looking forward to meeting more people and learning from you all!


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    My fiancť is from Michigan right outside of Lansing I love it up there itís beautiful in the fall

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