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    Warbonnet Wooki UQ material.

    Hi, the underquilt selection process on the Warbonnet website has 15d and 20d ripstop nylon & 20d polyester as the material choices.
    I dont know why to choose one over another & would be choosing randomly at this stage.
    If anyone has an idea or can direct me to a previous thread that would be great.
    Thanks, any feedback is appreciated.

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    How tough are you on your gear?
    My wooki is 15d and when i opened the box i thought 'tissue paper' but after the 1st year of use i have had no issues.
    My new diamondback TQ is 10d in/out and love the feel of that.
    You'll love how simple the wooki is to rig up.

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    Seeing that most colors are only available in one fabric, the color choice takes care of the fabric choice in most cases.

    Other than that, my preference clearly is the 20D nylon, followed by the 15D nylon. The 20D nylon is the nicest quilt fabric I have ever used. The 15D nylon is very similar to Dutch's Argon 90.

    Personally, I don't like polyester fabrics, and the one Warbonnet uses is no exception. It feels more artificial than nylon, plus it's weaker. I know of one case where a 20D polyester Wooki ripped when its owner accidentally sat down in it. While no quilt fabric is designed to hold that much weight, my impression is that nylon will cope with it better.

    I also didn't like the touch and feel of the 10D nylon fabrics used for WB quilts I have seen so far. Also, I found out the hard way how easy it is to damage 10D fabrics when I accidentally shredded 2 Incubators made from Argon 67 a couple of years ago. Seeing that the weight savings are tiny, I decided to stick with 15D or 20D for underquilts.

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