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    Help for a shifty Incubator and layering question

    This past weekend I was using my standard width Dutchware netless and 20* HG Econ set (incubator & top quilt). Temps got down to the mid-20s overnight and I was mostly warm, but had one issue: The UQ kept shifting on me.

    That is, I fell asleep comfortably warm, but woke with a chill down my back because the UQ slid around to the right (I sleep head left/feet right). I'd reach out, grab it and shift it back and it'd stay that way for a few hours, but once I started moving, it'd shift again. I'm pretty sure I had it adjusted properly, but it kept moving on me. I'm thinking maybe some of these would help? At least one each for the top left (connected to the hammock above my left shoulder) and the bottom right (below my right foot). Or would one on each corner be better? Is there another option (I initially thought of binder clips, but don't want the metal to tear the hammock)?

    Also, I have a couple more outings planned for January & February where I'm expecting temps to be below 20. Probably not below 0 (this is Eastern PA, not Minnesota!), so I think layering the Incubator and my 40* SLD Trailwinder will do the trick. However, when layering them, what order should they go in/on? Logically, since the TW includes an UQP, putting that on the outside probably makes more sense, but would that compress/compromise the loft of the Incubator? Or is that why the TW comes with an extra length of shock cord?

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    Is it shifting side to side or towards one end? Make sure your primary suspension is tight enough. If it is, it shouldn't really move at all and the secondary suspension will fine tune it to keep it in place.

    Then it shouldn't have anywhere to move - taut end to end and well over shoulder like this

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    It sounds like the primary suspension needs to be tightened a bit. The litmus test is that the UQ should lift the the hammock up considerably when it's completely empty. As for layering, I would put the Incubator on the outside. Due to the way the Trail Winder is built, this makes the most sense to me.

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