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    Internal Pole Mod Help

    Ok, I'm running a double internal pole mode on my CRO Winter refuge tarp. It's 2 10' poles connected to Beatie D rings on the tieout corners. Here's where I need some insight from the collective. Each pole is connected to the Dutch stinger split ridgeline by 1/16th shock cord and a mitten hook. The shock cord is larksheaded onto the pole.

    When it rains the shock cord doesn't seem strong enough to keep the poles from migrating towards the center hereby reducing the internal volume.

    Should I order 1/8th shock cord to replace the 1/16th and increase the strength of the shock cord or would and adjustable length of Lawson Glowire(which I have onhand) attached with the same mitten hooks and an adjustable tensioning know like a tautline work safely without damaging the tarp? Any thoughts> Or better ideas?

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    The method you mention is how UGQ rigs the internal end poles they sell. They use 3/32" shock cord, if I'm not mistaken.

    You could make them adjustable by running the end of the shock cord through a cord lock, then through the mitten hook, then back through the cord lock - finish with a stopper knot. Just pull more of the shock cord through the cord lock to increase tension.

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    No need for them to be adjustable..or elastic. When I used that method, I used Zing-It and set them the same place every time. I got tired of running the line out to my suspension so I sewed ties on the inside of my tarp to attach the poles. Now I have plastic clips that the poles snap into.

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    that's exactly what I was wondering why THEY didn't do when I got mine. Then when Dutch released his video about the double hammock tarp, that's what he did too... nice to have validation.

    but i agree with both comments.

    as the forest comment suggested, since you already have the shock cord you do have, just shorten it!

    Otherwise, yes you can use the other cord the same way but make it adjustable instead of stretchy

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