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    Alexander Springs

    Hello everyone. What is the best campsites to hang in Alexander Springs? Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flsnowman View Post
    Hello everyone. What is the best campsites to hang in Alexander Springs? Thank you
    I did a search here on this forum way back on Alexander Springs campground, and Juniper Springs campground. The poster who seemed to be pretty familiar with the better campsites for hammock camping was @Pheonix6579 , IIRC he had site suggestions on Alexander Springs. I'm still in search for a Juniper Springs hammock friendly site, and also Alexander Springs too. First come first serve campsites when I went to Juniper were not that great for hammock camping, I believe the sites that need a reservation are going to be the best, but I live far away and have no way of checking out a campsite before making a reservation.

    Hopefully Alexander and Juniper Spring campground hammock campers will chime in.

    Hmm, I thought putting the "@" in front of the users name was how to alert a poster when mentioned, I'm not sure how to do it on this forum.
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    Juniper Springs site 13. Big site, Possibly two hammocks by using a cedar tree. Lady at the gate gave me a list of available campsites and let me go pick one and then return to tell her which one.
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