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Thread: Storage ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baka Dasai View Post
    Here's what I do:

    1. Tie a bunch of alpine butterfly loops in some cord.

    2. Hang it from the ceiling or wall.

    3. Attach your stuff sacks or gear bags to the loops. (You can tie a knot with the drawstring, or use a carabiner/mitten hook etc.)

    This is genius, I love making knots! I'll be doing this immediately, thanks!

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    Maybe trap the rodents? Mothballs and/or peppermint oil are additional deterents. I think peppermint smells much better. Store no food or smellables in your totes and don't skimp on tote quality/thickness.
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    Totes are great, even just to keep dust off things. Even the cleanest house will be covered in dust and whatever after a period of no use.

    Waterproof, almost air tight, stackable, not too expensive.

    Get rid of those chipmunks if you can. I know they're cute and seemingly harmless, but they burrow and hollow out areas under foundations, patios, driveways, etc. I had a $10,000 bill coming for a new driveway, luckily I sold before getting into that. Underneath was a huge network of tunnels from them. I tried to fill with sand but it was too late. Concrete is strong, but with nothing to support it there's no beating physics. I also had a basketball-sized void next to my foundation. I found it while planting shrubs...literally packed full of sunflower seeds! They've gotten so bad I don't even bait the trap; I set it out empty and can catch them every 20 minutes sometimes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarome View Post
    Which "storage" thread should we reply to?
    I was in a bad location and kept losing page. Must have picked other discussion while cussing at laptop. It took over 1/2 hour before I seen it was posted. My mistake, Thank You Mod for blocking it.

    I have gear inhouse in an upstairs closet stuffed into totes currently. UQ/TQ and sleeping bags all hanging from ceiling. We are shifting the house around a lot, just refinished most of basement, and don't have enough space for all of it. I have 2 hammocks I each use once a year. I used to have them all hung on cup hooks inside a closet door so getting those was easy enough. But now just trying to keep everything together, cause I got a lot of crap, (17 mess kits, just saying). It is amazing the amount of things one collects over the years. My problem with big totes is I go diving in for one particular hammock and have to shift or excavate 25 pounds of other stuff to find it. That's why I was curious how everyone else does it. Maybe pick up an idea that fits my situation. The last trip out (Nov.29-Dec.3) wasn't bad but I forgot a few things. Thought I had them and tore pack apart twice looking for them. That really sucked cause it was raining when I made camp. I am bound and determined to get my stuff organized over winter (12 weeks left before I'm going out again). Smaller totes might be a way to go but still very curious how (inspirationally speaking) you all keep your gear.
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