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    Modified HH Supershelter

    I'm a relative newbie to hammock camping…but I like to fiddle with my gear. I'm still learning and I'm still having fun. This forum has been tremendously helpful to me. Thanks!

    I recently went on a blustery weekend hang in Henry W. Coe park to experiment with my recently acquired Hennessy Expedition and Supershelter. The SS worked ok, but I found that the addition of a space-blanket on top of the underpad to be necessary in order to maintain the nice toasty-warm evening that I desired. That's fine, all the Hennessy instructions and videos suggest the use of a space-blanket.

    The problem: With the space blanket loosely laid over the underpad, getting into and out of the Hennessy Hammock via the ventral slit was very awkward. The blanket kept sliding to block the entrance. So, I decided to construct a reflective space-blanket that would sit atop the underpad but would not shift around.

    I used a grommet setting tool to add reinforced holes in the blanket where the underpad's cords could pass through then wrapped the blanket around the underpad and sewed it closed with a stitching awl. Note: I sewed around the pad, not through it. The pad itself is unmodified. The blanket is held in place and no longer gets in the way.

    I put up a web site with a brief (admittedly under-documented) tutorial with more detailed pictures

    If anyone has any questions or advice, I'd certainly be interested in hearing it!

    (Note: Crossposted in "Bottom Insulation / Pads" and "Hennessy Hammocks")
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    space blanket

    From your pictures, it looks like a good idea.

    I have incorporated a mylar SB into a few items, and they work well. But, unless stitched with a very wide and loose machine setting, the mylar will quickly tear out along sewn lines, although your perimiter hem would be ok. With out a re-inforcing backing cover, something like taffeta or other light ripstop, the mylar will not hold up to sewing very well.

    However, layered between two pieces of fabric, and cross quilted, you have a great idea. Also, the mylar's aluminum coating will wear thru eventually here and there, but that takes a long time.

    Someone here at HF sells aluminium/nylon fabric undercovers for their "yeti" style under quilts, I'd sure buy a piece of that material for projects if I could.
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