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    Educating hiking companions about hammocks (applies to dogs, as well as people).

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    If you are at an established campground, the only trees left on the site are often the behemoths and they will likely be too far apart. This coupled with the fact you are required to stay within you little square of land sometimes makes it impossible to use a hammock. The same thing happens when you are with a group of people who are ground dwellers. They choose sites based on tent room, and these are not often conducive for hammocks. Of course if a ground dweller was with a group of hangers, he/she would have the same negative experience.

    IMO the "steep learning curve" is over-exaggerated.

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    The biggest negative I have is the time it takes to set up and take down the tarp over the hammock. Weight is a small problem. The other negative is there are too many places where we can't use our hammocks, like in Florida State Parks.

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    Thank you for all of your responses. I have gathered your comments into this list, which I will add to the original post.

    The Negative Aspects of Hammock Camping are:
    -The transition from Ground Dweller to Bear Burrito! (Including buying new, expensive gear and learning the ropes).
    -Going to ground due to lack of acceptable trees (No widow makers, proper spacing).
    -Time wasted [(Or time well spent!) Spending time in the hammock, adjusting your system and surfing Hammock Forums.
    -PR (Converting, erm "introducing" new people and dealing with those who are ignorant to Hammock Camping).

    The learning curve wasn't too bad for me. There are some great sources out there (for me they were Prof. Hammock and Shug's videos on Youtube).
    But having not ever camped before and being a whipper snapper may have also helped.
    All I need to do is wait for stocks to replenish.

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    Last year when I was redoing my ground set up and was then tuned into the idea of hammocks as an option I made different choices for some items than what I had been planning for my ground changes. Now I had been looking at light weight things for the changes on my ground set up, a lither sleeping bag, a lighter this and that. But changing to hammocks brought top quilts into mind when they had not been being considered before that. Along with a variety of other things that got tweaked, adjusted or dropped from use at all. All in all, my hanging is lighter than my ground set up by a couple pounds. Hammock, tarp, and quilts just flat out are better for me than the tent, sleeping bag, and Thermarest. And I am more comfotable. Like others have said, the bigest down side is that the hammock is so comfortable, I want to sleep in it all the time. Wife has gotten to like it also but not enough to let me sleep out in mine all the time. Got to go inside and sleep in the BED. But I am looking for a BIG hammock for the 2 of us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WrongTurn View Post
    Weight. By the time you pack a tarp, tarp suspension, stakes, hammock, hammock suspension, UQ, TQ, Pad the weight can really add up.
    Yes it's seems they add up quick but... On my gear list spreadsheet I compared my tent, pad, and sleeping bag to what I replaced it with, and it almost compares. Just a slight bit heavier but by changing my kitchen set up I picked up the ounces needed to actually lose 1.5 lbs from my pack. this even with adding many more pieces of gear. Go figure ...
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    For me its the added weight to deal with cold breezy conditions.

    For 3-season my hammock set-up is considerably lighter then my tent set-up.

    No problem finding trees in WV.

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    The posters who have weight issues with hammocks are relating to extreme UL thin pad minimal tarp and quilt.... Of course it wins,

    That said, there are several combos of hammocks, straps, large tarp, lines, state of the art, full length three season UQ, and two season TQ that will come in at 6 pounds or less...example JRB gear right of the shelf, BMBH, 11x10 Cat tarp, STLs, MW3 and Stealth quilts...there are many other combo's in this range easy...4 pounds is achievable if you use cuban and minimize each element.... Point is this is easily at or below the average ground tent, pad and bag or quilt combo and at comparable costs....Think about it... six pound for the entire camp easily puts one in reach of the 12 pound base UL standard...This means 5 day treks with a qt of water at sub 20 is easily doable...

    Personally the only negative is not having enough trips to enjoy hammocking more.

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    tent curve

    its funny that we know there is a learning curve to hammocking, but tenter think they can just camp out of the box. in jan and feb of '09 all tenters quit the trail (Trek not included) because they were cold. wind NEVER bothered me. hog on ice told me on my first day on trail how to point my hammock to the wind. if a tenter has a good pad, bag and tent the weight is not much different. the UL hikers with tarps and sleep on rocks mentality, we can't compete with., but who wants too

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    My only complaint is that thus far I have not found a viable way to sleep WITH my lovely bride. Hanging next to her in separate hammocks is one thing, but when you are both used to snuggling up (and I am not referring to any other recreational activity), one hammock is not terribly comfortable (IMHO--I know there are a couple folks here that do it), and hanging next to each other loses the "togetherness".

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