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    Quote Originally Posted by LyttleBryan View Post
    I'm actually struggling with this right now. I've now used two different top quilts and at least 3-4 times a night I wake up with the top quilt either under me, or at my feet in a giant ball. I'm actually considering selling mine because I just can't seem to get it to work.

    of course as my lady kindly pointed out, it should be no surprise to me. I thrash more than a pig on ice in my sleep. Or so I'm told
    Do you have (and use) a neck "snap" of some kind? So that a "head hole" is formed? I have found that solves the majority of my draft problems. But still, even with that, moving requires gaining some consciousness(for me), enough to keep the sides from getting completely un-tucked. But the neck snap makes it pretty easy to keep the thing positioned correctly around my shoulders, and completely eliminates any migration towards the foot.

    There are weight, bulk and comfort advantages of a TQ/UQ combo in a hammock. But thought/effort free and draft free experience don't go together in my experience. I don't think most folks are going to be able to thrash around in their sleep AND stay tucked under a "just wide enough for a hammock" quilt enough to not feel some drafts. If you don't move much, no problem. And many folks don't move much in a hammock, so it works out good.

    But it is only in a Pea Pod that I never really have to concern myself with drafts, period. At least if it is fully closed, or with only a very small breather hole, OR if I have at least a puffy garment over my neck/chest area to block off heat escape from below my neck if I have a wider breathing hole, especially with wider, deeper hammocks like the Speer. Or of course, a very light TQ. But if the above conditions are met, I can have my hands under my head, or toss from side to back to side if desired, and no draft problems worth mentioning.

    But some times I just prefer a separate TQ/hat/hood/UQ approach. It seems a less claustrophobic approach, and that is extra important for some folks. And it won't work on my bridge and or a netted HH, and is not optimum on all gathered end top loading hammocks. And some folks hate the Velcro. And it is probably too much weight for the warmer seasons. And it is not a dif cut, so there is a little more fiddle factor involved. Compared to the fool/idiot proof approach of just hanging a MWUQ UQ on a BMBH. So, learning to solve draft issues with separate TQs will remain an issue that must be considered for most of us.
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    I find that hiking five extra miles before setting camp keeps me from moving too much in my sleep.

    Another option might be to span a piece of shock cord so that it goes across the middle of your back. My BPL synthetic quilt came that way, and it will snug the quilt to you and even hold a pad in place if needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnSawyer View Post
    Me too. If that doesn't work, you could always do like I'm planning for my daughter's first date: I'm sure his pants will be too baggy, and to prevent them from accidentally falling down, I'll use my staple gun...
    Might I suggest that you print out copies of this form for your daughter's prospective dates: Application For Permission To Date My Daughter.

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    Thanks for the application, I have been looking for one of those. I was just going to use the line on my daughters first boyfriend: "Remember, where I work there is no DNA evidence!!!!!!!!" I was a steelmill worker for 10 years, nasty what 3000+*F steel will do to the human body. Or there is the always wonderful "cool dad approach": sure you can touch my daughter.......anywhere above her eyebrows and just below her ankles!!!!! After last statement he is "politely" shown the door in an expediant nape of neck/rear beltloop toss. Luckily I have time to work on my issues concerning her dating, she is only nine.
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    Mine is 9 as well. Although from what I hear from other Dads out there, she will be 16 next year...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear Rider View Post
    Might I suggest that you print out copies of this form for your daughter's prospective dates: Application For Permission To Date My Daughter.
    My daughter's not yet 2. A fellow father (with similarly aged daughter) and I were talking about this very thing. We agreed that we'll let our daughters date... we'll leave permission in our will.
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    I have a no net hammock, I have from time to time thought about putting a elastic cord attached to the foot of my TQ & then the ridgeline to keep it from fully falling out. I have not done it yet. Could maybe attach a 2nd & 3rd cord along the edge. I prefer to get out of the hammock on the right side, so the elastics could go on the left & sewn to the hammock body.

    A few problems I foresee: Getting tangled in the cords. Needing to get out of the hammock on the "Wrong" side. Not being able to remove the hammock easily for packing*.

    Some good points: No dropping the TQ on the possibly wet, always dirty, ground. No "loosing" the TQ during the night.

    *Easily fixed with a small biner & a loop for each cord.
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