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    Dutchware Xenon Two Person Tarp with Chameleon and Spreader Bar Setup

    Just a little look at the Xenon tarp and playing with the setup before heading out on a winter snow trip with it.

    The video shows a look at the setup pitched lower for bad weather with a double Chameleon Beetle Buckle setup. To be be honest though, there's no way my wife is going out for a snow trip in winter, so my first real trip will be using it solo as a giant palace

    For two hammock use in weather that my wife would actually go out in, I would most likely pitch it a little higher. This would give us some more head space and extra breathing room for the spreader bar to rise on the opposite side during times that only one of the hammocks is in use.

    This is the first tarp I've ever had with doors, believe it or not, so I'm super excited to get it out into some wintry conditions up north!

    TL;DW - Just watch Dutch's video, he covers all the important stuff about 1 minute
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