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    Flights of fancy ...

    Former kite makers, I know you're out there. I started sewing a flowform (my first kite in fifteen years, having been hammock-obsessed in the interim), and I fell to musing on the similarities between a parafoil and a down quilt. I've used kites as sails on canoe trips, but can't think of an application of kite technology to hammock camping. Any ideas? Of course a mere lack of practicality hasn't stopped me in the past. I imagine you could put keels on a JrB quilt and fly it. Anybody done that (on purpose)? Then there's your tarp ....

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    The tarp's tendency to dream, I want to be a kite. I want to be a kite. is what inspired me to finally try skins. If you had open water, two kayaks, and wind in a consistent direction, that tarp might become your new best friend.
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