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    Hammock Pergola Design Help


    Would anybody mind having a look at my idea and giving any suggestions or advice please?

    I have a Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe Zip and we want to add to our hammock collection and hang as a family in the back yard. I live in Massachusetts so frost is an issue. I am not a carpenter just a home owner slash fix it type. Should I use cement and Sono tubes or no cement?

    Forgive me for the crude drawing. I was thinking about using 6 x 6 for the posts and 2 x 6 at the top doubled up sandwiching the 6 x 6.

    All my dimensions are assuming 1/2" loss for dimensional lumber.

    Thank you,

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    6x6 tied together at the top will definitely be sufficient and have no movement. I'd consider going for 15ft internal span between the posts, since buying 16ft boards already, that would give room for longer tarps and room to work around. If it were me I'd also get as much vertical space as I can. Our local building code, Spokane, WA, for setting structural 6x6 posts for a building is 36" deep and 36" diameter set in concrete. In my opinion the bolts might be overkill- i would frame like a pole building: 26 with 40D nails and a block underneath it. Doing that on both sides of the posts will save the cost of the bolts and still be rock solid. Also much easier to build. The force a hammock applies will be pulling the tops of the post together so the top headers job is to resist compression. Assuming 4 top boards going in 2 directions there will be far more than is needed to get the job done and last many years. I would definitely set in concrete and used treated lumber for the posts at a minimum. Another thought might be to add truss plates to the ends of your 2x6s to keep the from splitting.
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    Watch utility crews set poles. Around here, the holes are ~6' deep, back filled with soil from the hole, well compacted, no concrete.

    Your design is solid. Enjoy.

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