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    DD Frontline or something else?

    I was planning to order a DD frontline when i found this forum and figured i might get some advice here before i do so. I am currently using a cheap setup from Amazon, i think the hammock is from a brand called anyoo or something, which also is my first hammock so i dont have much to compare with.
    Im quite happy with what i have atm, but ive figured out i want my next hammock to have a net that is tight enough to keep the midge out. Are there any alternatives to the frontline around 75 euro?

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    BagdadBob - welcome to the forum. It’s great that you have some specific criteria to aim for (price and midge stoppage). If it were me, I’d google around to determine what mesh the netting needs to have to keep midge out. Then you can check with vendors to make sure their netted hammocks (Or separate net independent of the hammock) would work.

    Most netting I’m familiar with is designed to keep out mosquitoes, ants, spiders - bigger critters. So you need to make sure that whatever mesh is used, it will work against midge too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BagdadBob View Post
    I was planning to order a DD front line...
    i want my next hammock to have a net that is tight enough to keep the midge out. Are there any alternatives to the frontline around 75 euro?
    The DD mesh keeps out the Scottish midges.
    With the pullout poles fitted, they hold the netting away from you fairly well.

    I fitted 8" continuous loops and ran a ridge line from the points where the Whoopie attaches. That put the RL above the netting and provided a consistent hang and a good way of holding up the netting without lots of shock cord.

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    I find the frontline to be very good bang for your buck... or Krona.

    For reference I am over 6' and about 200lb and have spent many comfortable nights in my DDFL. The double layer is nice if you want to slip a pad in, though I found I preferred to use the pad directly beneath me. Apparently it also means mosquitos can't bite you through the two layers but I have always used permethrin so who knows? It has dual zips on both sides which is a definite plus times two. I flip from side to side and also back sleep so the symmetric design suits me very well. It has gear pockets to hold a phone, watch, light etc. The net is not removable but can be opened completely and tied to ridgeline to be out of the way. I purchased both mine used here on the forum but apparently their shipping is very fast.

    The double layer does add weight and bulk. The spreader bars may necessitate a larger tarp or at least a higher pitch. I use mine successfully with the Hennesssy tarp with removable doors (monsoon or typhoon??). I don't believe they come with a non structural ridgeline between the spreaders but one of mine had one made of shockcord and I made one for the other out of twine to hang classes, light, book etc
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