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    UQ Length & versitility

    Other than size and weight, are there any other downsides to a full length UQ vs a 3/4?

    I mostly car camp or short walk camp and am looking at getting an Arrowhead or Cedar Ridge, full length, 20* synthetic as my primary UQ. That option seems to be the most versitle.

    Down the road, I'd like to add a summer 40* option and perhaps a down 3/4 for a lightweight.

    I camp primarily in the southeast.

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    I just take the same 20F full length quilt on every 3-season trip, regardless of weather. It covers all the bases and leaves no regrets.

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    You didn’t mention how tall you are. For some of us, a length UQ is nearly full length. And for some, a length might interfere less with a diagonal position. Like it will be mostly snug around your body and not be pushed near your feet.

    Sounds like you have a solid idea. The FL 20* synthetic will serve you well. Later, for summer hikes and mild weather, you can get by with the “shortie”.
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